Post-IDWCon Survey
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Overall, how satisfied were you with the Irish Discworld Convention? *

How likely are you to attend another IDWCon? *

Hotel: How would you rate the bedrooms...



Hotel: How would you rate the food...



...variety/amount of choice?

Hotel: How would you rate the drinks...



...variety/amount of choice?

Hotel: How would you rate...

...the facilities?

...the ease of getting to the venue?

...the staff?

...the staff's helpfulness dealing with allergies/intolerances?

Hotel: Would you like us to host in the same hotel for 2019?

Hotel: Any other hotel comments you'd like to share with us?

Programme: How would you rate...

...the variety of events?

...the amount of events offered?

...the accuracy of event descriptions?

Programme: What type of events would you like to see more of?

Programme - Swords: If you took part in our weapons classes, could you please rate...

...the level of instruction?

...the teaching method?

...the instructor's approach?

Programme - Swords: Any other feedback about the weapons workshop or suggestions for improvement that you'd like to share with us?

Programme - Scavenger Hunt: Did you enjoy the theatrics over the weekend?

Programme - Scavenger Hunt: Theatrics weren't listed on the official programme as they occurred at the start of other items, but would you like a definitive list if we do something similar in the future?

Programme - Puzzle Room: Did you enjoy the Puzzle room?

Programme - Puzzle Room: If you did take part did you feel the clues were

Programme: What was your favourite event?

Scavenger Hunt/Scrounger's Rummage: If you took part did you...

...enjoy it?

...think the clues were easy enough to follow? that it was spread across two days?

...have any other comments to share on the Scavenger Hunt?

Programme: Programme booklet, did you... it?

...all the way through?

...easily find the information you were looking for?

Programme: The Eventbase app...

...did you download it?

...did you find it helpful and would download in the future?

Programme: Any other programme comments you'd like to share with us?

Committee: How often did you go to the Registration desk (aka Ops) during the convention?

Committee: How helpful were the Reg desk staff?

Committee: Did you speak to any committee members during the convention?

Committee: If so, were they helpful?

Committee: How much did you like the posters and artwork around the hotel?

Committee: How helpful was our signage (room names, maps etc.)?

Green Dots: If you used the green dot system... efficient do you think it was?

...could you see the screen or stage during programme items?

...could you hear the majority of dialogue during programme items?

Auction: Were you aware of the 3 convention charities we were raising money for over the weekend?

Auction: How easy did you find the payment system?

Dealers: Did you buy anything from the convention dealers?

Dealers: Are there any other dealers you feel we should approach for future IDWCons?

Merchandise: Did you pre order any merchandise?

Merchandise: If you preordered did you experience any issues collecting your merchandise?

Merchandise: What type of merchandise would you like to see available at future IDWCons

Merchandise: Are there any other product types you think we should look into for future conventions?

Merchandise: Any other merchandise comments you'd like to share with us?

Gala Dinner: If you took part did you...

...enjoy the food?

...enjoy the at table entertainment?

...think there was enough menu choice?

...have any other comments to share on the Gala Dinner?

How likely is it that you would recommend attending IDWCon to a friend or colleague? *

Any final comments you'd like to share that weren't covered already?

Finally, please tell us a little about yourself (completely optional)...

How old are you?

Would you be interested in helping out at a future IDWCon as committee, staff or a gopher? If so, could you please tell us about any relevant skills or experience and add your full name and contact email address below.

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